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2013 Jazz Festival Poster

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2013 Jazz Festival Poster

For the last 3 years, I have designed the poster for the Mineral Area College, Carol Moore Memorial Jazz Festival. It has been a joy to do this sort of project being a jazz saxophonist and also loving jazz. It combines two things I love: jazz music and design.

The process

The design process for this poster began with breaking out the watercolor paint and drawing out legendary saxophonist, Phil Woods’ name and seeing what I could come up with. The big idea is that the poster needs to reflect the core of jazz music — jazz improvisation. Improvisation is an act of composing music in the moment and not always knowing what you will come up with. The beauty of improvisation is in the tension between structure and spontaneity. I wanted to reflect that tension with the poster by employing both hand drawn elements and computer generated elements.

If you live near Park Hills, MO – check out the concert on March 2nd!

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