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Mobile-friendly blog for local realtor

Written on May 5, 2013 by | Leave a comment

Carmen Stanton's blog design

Lots of personality

Just recently, we launched a new blog for a local Century 21 Realtor, Carmen Stanton. The goal? Create a blog that captures Carmen’s personality and gives her a place to connect with her potential customers. She loves the outdoors and her dogs, and so the design for her blog speaks to that,  aesthetically.
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Mobile and future friendly

Of course, I just had to make the blog mobile-friendly, so no matter how you are viewing the blog: on your phone, tablet or desktop computer, the blog will look great. No matter what new mobile device comes out (and the various size dimensions of them), this blog is going to look good, because it is fully responsive and flexible. In this way, the website is future-friendly. To see this responsive and flexible layout in action, check out the short video below.

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